Artist, Graphic Designer, Visual Storyteller

Paintings by Julie Wright that celebrate the beauty and resilience of the biodiversity found in our own backyard.

About Julie Wright

I began my creative career in 2012 as a graphic designer in a digital agency and would later transition in 2018 as a freelance graphic designer working with small business and nonprofit clients. Even though I studied both fine art and graphic design at Texas Tech University, I didn’t start consistently practicing fine art as a professional painter until 2020 when a certain pandemic inspired me to explore new creative outlets.

I’m constantly inspired by nature and its tenacity to constantly adapt and evolve. Through vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes, my work celebrates the beauty and diversity of the North American wilderness, from the cunning coyote to the formidable yet elusive Big Horn Sheep. Through my paintings, I hope to create a human-nature connection and spread awareness of our responsibility to protect our natural treasures before it’s too late.

In addition to my painting practice, I still work with clients as a designer offering consultation services for brand strategy, website design, and marketing.