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Artist, Graphic Designer, Visual Storyteller

About Julie Wright

Julie Wright is an award-winning artist and designer who uses her work to tell stories that rouse feelings of familiarity, excitement, comfort, and happiness. She is a native Texan living and practicing in Conroe, Texas. A hallmark of her work across all mediums is high-contrast imagery, a minimalist aesthetic, and a touch of whimsy to celebrate subjects found in nature. At the same time, clear messaging and contemporary design themes are signatures specific to her graphic design work.

Julie‚Äôs creative career began in 2012 as a graphic designer in a digital agency and would later transition in 2018 as a freelance graphic designer working with small business and nonprofit clients. Although she studied both fine art and graphic design at Texas Tech University, she didn’t start consistently practicing fine art professionally until 2020 when a certain pandemic inspired explorations in new creative outlets.

Julie has exhibited her fine art at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Doss Cultural & Heritage Museum, Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary, and the University of St. Thomas. Since 2012, her career as a corporate graphic designer has varied in scope and scale from creating marketing collateral for small local startups to building the brand for the formidable Fort Worth Dickies Arena. Julie is most proud of her work that has had a tangible impact on the community or environment and includes creating for organizations such as the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, and the San Antonio Zoo.